Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1 - General
2 - Users registration
3 - My Account
4 - Order in
5 - Characteristics of products
6 - Prices
7 - Availability
8 - Method of Delivery
9 - Methods of payment
10 - Secure payments
11 - Exchanges and Returns
12 - Guarantees and after-sales service
13 - Disputes and responsibilities
14 - Information content

1. General

These Terms of Use establish the rules for using the site and establishes contractual relationships between all users of the site and the company and the company Carla Ramos & Wilma Rodrigues, Lda, the company which owns the site http://

Carla Ramos & Vilma Rodriguez, Lda, is a company located in Edifício Rotunda Bloco B Loja 1, 2970 Sesimbra, under the single registration and taxpayer number 504917498, registered in the Sesimbra Commercial Registry.

The Terms of Use contained herein will prevail, unless are modified in writing by the company Vilma Rodriguez & Carla Ramos, Lda.

When connecting to the site, the client undertakes to respect the Terms of Use.

When a purchase order is registered it’s expressly accepted all conditions under the present Terms of Use.

2. User Registration

To register in the website of should click the option "Create Account" and fill in the requested data. The registration process is fairly simple. We collect only the information necessary for us to identify, contact and provide a personalized service to our customers.

The process comprises two phases:

1) Introduction of the information requested by the website.
2) Confirmation of the record: after entering the information requested, you will receive an e-mail address with a message that will allow you to complete the registration process and enjoy the benefits of being part of the community

The user of the website is the only responsible for the access to his account (username and password) to ensure the confidentiality of personal data.

Registration is mandatory and required to make purchases orders.

3. My account

The user of the website is the only responsible for the access to his account (username and password) to ensure the confidentiality of personal data. By using the option "My Account" or "Account" you can view or modify your personal data, edit your list of addresses, see the orders placed or change your password.

In case of misuse of the website and regardless of the applicable legal procedures, the reserves the right to, inter alia, cancel the user registration, removal orders and any other content considered inappropriate and out of the context of the website.

The guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data supplied by its customers. The collection and processing of data is held securely, which prevents their loss or manipulation accordingly to the Data Privacy Policy.

The do not disclose or sell its customers personal data to third parties, so all information is confidential. Access to information is restricted, and this is only used for communication with the client, processing of orders, including: payments, shipping and after-sales service.

All clients have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data. If you wish, at any time, no longer be part of the database of you can exercise this right through a simple e-mail to:

4. To order in

All orders placed in can be made via internet at website: 24/24h and 7/7 days. The customer will receive, by email, confirmation of the request made.

5. Product Characteristics

The photographs illustrating the products presented do not represent any contractual commitment by with the custome. Moreover, with regard to specifications and product descriptions of our partners or suppliers, declines all responsibility as to the validity of its content.

Given the fact that the information about the products are provided to, from their suppliers, we will make every effort to ensure that the information provided is free of typographical errors. However, when errors occur, we will proceed as soon as possible for their correction.

In the case of information provided does not match the characteristics of the product, the customer will be informed and have the right to cancel the purchase.

6. Prices

The sales price listed on the website are in Euros, with taxes and fees included. Delivery fees are payable by the customer and are charged at the end of the request, depending on the products selected and the final value and place the order.

The reserves the right to change prices at any time, however will apply the price indicated on the website at the time the client makes the purchase order. The website reserves the right to modify at any time the information presented on commercial offer: products, promotions, services and business conditions.

7. Availability

The respects the terms of an order subject to availability of stock. In the event a product ordered is not available in stock, will contact the customer by email or by telephone within 48 hours from the date of the request, in order to inform the new deadline of delivery of product or have them altered by another similar.

It is the policy of only submits products for sale that are in stock in their warehouses, and may for technical or circumstantial be a discrepancy between the amounts presented for sale on the site and existing quantities in stock.

8. Mode of Delivery

Products purchased in are delivered worldwide.

The makes deliveries of orders through local post office or carrier. Each shipment is accompanied by an envelope containing the following documents: Invoice / Cash Sale. Deliveries of products occur only on weekdays.

As an indication, without comprising any obligation or commitment to except for the unavailability of products or any other causes of force majeure, the goods will be delivered in accordance with the following deadlines:

- The delivery time is 5 working days for the continent, up to 9 days for the islands, and up to 14 days elsewhere in the world depending of the country and from time of receipt of payment.

Delivery times are just indicative and therefore considered valid when there is no physical or structural impediments (e.g. incorrect addresses or force majeure event). The amount to pay for transportation, for adding to the price of products bought will be calculated automatically by the system.

In case of non-receipt of the order in due time, an investigation will be made to the local post office or carrier and may take several days. You should contact the Customer Service or local post office and during this period no refund can be made, it will have to be checked and confirmed the loss of the order.

The customer is entitled, upon receipt of your order, to open the package to verify that the product conforms to what was asked and has no external defects.

If the product is not one that was requested or visible defects, the advises the customer to return it and contact by email, or by telephone within 24 hours indicating the problem to Customer Service.

Any problems should be reported at the time of delivery. Once delivered the package carrier by local post offices, the will not responsible for any problems arising from transport.

Please note that the will be obliged to refuse any request for reimbursement or replacement (right of withdrawal) for products with external defects which have been accepted by our customers upon delivery. The right of withdrawal shall remain valid for cases where defects are detected by the customer after delivery and in accordance with the terms prescribed by law.

What to do at the time of delivery:

1. Check if the package is in perfect condition.
2. Open the package asking the carrier to wait to conduct the verification (this is a customer right).
3. Verify that the product conforms to the request made and whether it has no visible defects. In case you are all in compliance, taking delivery.
4. In case of any non-compliance, or an error in the requested product, or a visible defect, should refuse the order, noting the problem in the guide carrier.

In order to avoid delays and in order to permit verification of data is necessary to inform by the time of purchase order, the following information:

- A paid email address (e.g. SAPO, Netcabo) or professional email address;
- A local phone number (work or home address) so we can contact you at any time of day.

The apologizes for any inconvenience caused, but these measures should be taken to protect customers from fraud.

9. Payment Methods

Before completing the process of ordering, you must choose one form of payment available on site.

The purchases will only be sent after payment confirmation.

The payment methods available on the site are:

- Pay at the Shop. Monday to Saturday from 09h00/13h00-14h00/18h00

Payment available only for orders to Portugal and where customers are regular customers of some of the physical stores of Boutique Tias and thus want to make any order via Internet and then pass one of the shops to make the payment.

In this case the order will only be valid after payment of the same.

- Credit Cards and others

Credit cards are accepted and others through the network and service PayPal, which is one of the simplest, fast and secure to make a payment online.

- Banking Transfer or Sending Cheque / Cash to Seller

All orders placed with this choice of payment will be validated only after receipt of the amount due.

Bank transfers which can be made to:

Bank: BesAccount
Name: Carla Ramos & Vilma Rodriguez, Lda

Or send check / money to:

Address: Edifício Rotunda Bloco B Loja 1,
2970 Sesimbra

10. Secure payments

All payments with credit cards, debit or other pass entirely by PayPal, is a service perfectly safe.

The does not collect any information related to card payments, leaving the service entirely of the responsibility of PayPal.

Often, Internet fraud happens with cards or card information stolen in the physical world and then misused online. We advise that you only use their credit cards in establishments of trust and not to disclose part or all of the information contained therein.

11. Exchanges and Returns

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must return with registration, within 14 days from receipt of order, all the products received. The material must be in the exact terms at the time of receipt of order and the products must be returned to us in original condition along with the Return Authorization completed and signed. The Return Authorization will be sent upon request via email to or trough phone number 21 268 03 71 Monday to Saturday from 10h to 20h. This right of return can only be accepted for products in their original condition and complete (packaging, accessories, manuals) and in good condition.

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Boutique Tias will strive to reimburse the customer quickly, preserving, however, that this period will depend upon the assessments to be made to the material, with a maximum of 15 days (counted from the arrival to to the same). If the payment has been made by bank transfer the customer will be refunded by bank transfer. In case of payment by PAYPAL, reimbursement will be made on the card itself and can be checked the next card statement.

In case of an exchange for another product, you may go directly to one of the boutique shops, without prior contact the online store, and carry out the exchange within 14 days from receipt of the product, keeping the obligation to submit the product for return in original condition and with the receipt.

Exceptionally, during the Christmas shopping season - from November 12 to December 28 - the trade deadline is extended to January 10, this extension is not applicable to refunds of value - for reimbursement of value remains the period of 14 days from receipt of order.

The not accept returns in situations that have not been complied with the procedures and time provided by law responsible for reporting the exercise of withdrawal, or if the product is not packaged in the original package or not accompanied by all original content.

13. Litigation and Responsibilities

For the resolution of any dispute regarding the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms of Use, the Court of Sesimbra shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The will not be responsible for delays or breaches of contract by reasons of force majeure, disturbance, total or partial strike, postal services and means of transportation or communication, flood, fire or war.

The will not be liable for any indirect damage, operating loss, of benefits, opportunity loss, damage or charges that may arise from the fact of purchase of any product displayed on the site.

Although our products have performance consistent with professional uses, the is not directed to a professional audience. The cannot then see its committed responsibility for any loss that results from a professional activity.